Mole Mapping Monday

Did you spend your 20s in a tanning bed? I did! Therefore, I have noticed so many freckles and moles pop up all over my skin over the last 10 years. I wish someone had told me in college, “you are just going to look tan and fat rather than pale and fat” because I was kidding myself into thinking that tanning it rather than toning it would help offset late night drinking and all those deliveries from Pizza Express.

I will be honest, I probably cancelled 3+ appointments because I was scared of what my dermatologist would find. My recent appointment snuck up on me and I realized I needed to stop being afraid and to get checked out. It took 15 minutes and the derm took pictures of moles all over my body. She said there isn’t currently anything to worry about but to always call if anything changes. THAT WAS IT! What had I been so afraid of? My dermatologist was so great I even glanced at her left ring finger to see if she was single and I could set her up with my brother. It appears she’s taken.

Anyway, she gave me a bunch of reading that was really helpful so if you have been putting off getting your moles checked out – GO! This is the type of appointment that could save your life.

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