June’s Best Poshmark Finds & Why Sustainability Should Extend to Our Shopping Habits

I try to buy sustainable beauty products when I can but I have been tuned into this idea I call “sustainable shopping”. Did you know it takes 2700 litres of water to make ONE cotton tee shirt? Were you aware that we throw away 13 million tons of clothes each year? These statistics were astounding to me and it really started to change the way I shopped.

When I thought of second-hand shopping I visualize an overwhelming, musty thrift store. I also like high-quality clothing so finding a good deal in a brick and mortar can be really time-consuming. I have written about selling on Poshmark here but started looking at Poshmark first when I want to buy a new tee or a pair of jeans. This doesn’t always extend to shoes and handbags, much to my husband’s chagrin, but I have found great deals on those too! You can filter by brand (they have thousands…) and you have 72 hours to open a “case” if the item you received was not as described. I think people get embarrassed to buy clothes “second-hand” but whatever. Only a fool would pay full retail and not naming any names…a former Real Housewife of Miami buys from my Poshmark closet occasionally! Everyone is doing it, it’s just that nobody wants to admit it! Well, except me…

I know it’s July but a good deal never has an expiration right? Every months I am going to feature a few items I found on Poshmark that I got an unbelievable deal for. Here are my three favorite finds from the month of June! All images are from the sellers pages.

If it looks like something I could wear on a beach in chilly weather, I will buy it.
Brand: Intermix
Original price: $255
I got it for: $50
I saw these cropped trousers and loved the detail. I think they will be great for Fall.
Brand: Loro Piana
Original price: $850
I got them for: $50
I am obsessed with this brand!
Brand: Khaite (style is Kyle Low Rise)
Original price: $420
I got them for: $125

Total cost of all items at original price: $1,495

I got everything for: $225…which was the original cost of just the sweater! Crazy. Use my code on Poshmark: aem09812

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