True Life: I Shave My Face

The fancy way of saying it these days is “dermaplaning”. But yeah, I shave my peach fuzz! I actually thank Michelle Money from The Bachelor fame for bringing feminine face shaving into the mainstream with the YouTube video that was heard around the world. If someone as flawless as Money was doing it, then well, I would give it a whirl too! She added a step that wasn’t in the original video and you can find the updated version here.

I ‘shave’ it about 2x/year with these face shavers by Liftly (Tinkle is a great brand too) but maintain it with this Panasonic trimmer.

I am really paranoid about getting red bumps so the first thing I do is wash my hands with Dial hand soap. Then I wash my entire face with it. I think it’s best to wash it with an antibacterial soap but that may just be me. I then put coconut oil all over my face and then shave down. When I use the trimmer, I go up. When I am done I wash it with my regular cleanser and then put it on a light moisturizer. I am a freak about my skin getting irritated so I also would do this at night and change my pillowcase before going to bed.

What about you? Have you ever tried shaving your face?

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