Feature Friday: Beauty Blogs I’ve Enjoyed Reading This Month

We all read the same blogs but I wanted to give some love to those of us who still don’t have over 50,000 followers on IG!

Here are a few blogs I have enjoyed reading recently:

Jena J Beauty – Great, thorough reviews and I appreciated that she gives instructions on how to apply the make-up she purchases! Sometimes I buy this stuff but don’t always know how to use it.

CXL-Lifestyle – A blog that’s got a lot of great information and is aesthetically pleasing to look at too!

Oh Glowy Girl – I love how organized this blog is and don’t forget to check out the great discounts section!

New Lune – Full of great beauty tips plus there are great posts if you are a blogger too!

What blogs do you like to follow?

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2 thoughts on “Feature Friday: Beauty Blogs I’ve Enjoyed Reading This Month

  1. This is honestly the kindest thing ever. Lately, I haven’t been as consistent here on WordPress compared to my IG, mostly because I didn’t feel that I had an audience to speak to. Thank you for inspiring me to put out more blog content I love, which is why I started this journey in the first place. Your nostalgia content and quick, yet highly effective beauty reviews are always a highlight for me to read as well. Thank you SO much! ♥️♥️


    1. I was on vacation and unable to reply but you’re so welcome and thank you for your kind words as well!! I haven’t been as inspired recently either, but need to keep at it!!


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