#ThrowbackThursday: Graham Webb Hair Products

Occasionally I will google discontinued beauty products that I wish would make a comeback. There isn’t a product I look up more than Montage by Graham Webb. My mom still asks me what the name was “of that shampoo that smelled really good…” I loved Montage. My best friend in high school used Ice Cap which gave your scalp a nice tingling sensation. There are bottles of both of these still available for sale on Ebay and Amazon but they’re pretty expensive and who knows if they are genuine products.

It was a bit difficult to find information about the Graham Webb but it appears Webb founded the eponymous company in 1967 and specialized in hair care education with the first Graham Webb Academy opening London in 1981. Sadly, it appears nearly all of the academies have shuttered and the location in McLean, VA closed just last year. Graham Webb International became a part of Wella AG which eventually was one of 40 brands sold to Coty, Inc. in 2015. The Graham Webb website only contains the P&G logo along with a sad message stating the site is unavailable but to check back soon. Is that a false hope? I would love nothing more than for these products to have a resurgence! images via Ebay.

What was your favorite product by Graham Webb?

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