How I Got My Eyebrows to Grow Back after Losing Them During Pregnancy

Well, I didn’t lose them entirely, but I came awfully close. Let me preface this by saying I have been extremely grateful for going through two healthy pregnancies. I know a lot of women struggle way more than I ever did so I am not going to pretend losing some eyebrow hair was catastrophic. It wasn’t but it was weird. There are so many things I never dreamed I would google in order to ensure that what I was experiencing while pregnant was normal. Hormones can be crazy even when your body isn’t busy creating another human life, but when you are inhabiting another passenger, they get downright nutty.

The only reminder of my two boys is that one foot is now a half size larger than the other. While pregnant with my first, I had pretty bad edema. Fortunately, it went away within a few weeks after giving birth. My second pregnancy triggered my eczema and left my skin extremely itchy, but mostly on my eyebrows. They were constantly flaking and I couldn’t stop itching them. I would itch them over the sink and eyebrow hair would just fall into the bowl. I didn’t notice how thin they had become until I looked at pictures from a wedding we attended while I was 33 weeks along. The hair above the corners of my eyes were practically gone and the rest of them looked like they had been overplucked. What’s weird was that lotion could alleviate itchiness everywhere else but nothing that I put on my eyebrows helped. It was even more frustrating since I already had areas due to chicken pox scars where hair didn’t grow.

May of 2017

Once I came out of the newborn fog parents experience in those hectic first weeks, I finally decided to look into how I could get my eyebrows back on track. I was frustrated since there wasn’t really anything out there available. My eyelashes were fine something that required a prescription didn’t make sense to use.

Search engines are practically our best asset and one night I came across an article while figuring out how to bring my brows back from the brink. What’s funny is that the article was from a newspaper that runs in my home state. I am originally from southern Indiana and was delighted to read about a fellow Hoosier that had started a company from her dorm room at MIT. Megan Cox and I grew up about 45 minutes from each other and here I was reading about a product she had developed after damaging her eyelashes. Cox wanted to find an alternative to Latisse and meticulously researched ingredients before developing Wink, an oil that promotes growth of the lashes and brows. Last year, Cox sold Amalie Beauty to focus on the private-label side of the beauty industry.

I can tell you from experience though, Wink WORKS! I noticed a difference within a few months. Wink is made in America and is organic, vegan as well as cruelty-free. This oil is made up of a mix of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids which help stimulate hair follicles when applied topically. I apply this every night before bed and it’s easy to consider this a miracle product when looking back at photos. What’s even better is that no prescription is required and it’s affordably priced at $40. The photos bellow showed progress all thanks to Wink and before I got microblading.

Taken the day before I gave birth, July 1st 2017.
October 2017.
December 2017
Right before my first microblading appointment in September 2018. You can tell a difference from the pic taken above in May 2017.

Have you tried Wink or any of the other products by Amalie Beauty?

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