I Tried an Amazing Sheet Mask…and it only costs $3.99

I have scoured the internet for beauty products many nights. You could probably imagine my surprise when I randomly found an amazing sheet mask less than a mile from my house. While restocking on hand soap, I saw a display of sheet masks and picked out a couple before heading to the cashier. It wouldn’t be a trip to CVS without buying shit you don’t really need, right?

It’s only $3.99!

I bought it because Niacinamide is also known as Vitamin B3 and it is readily absorbed into your skin. It is also great for those of us with sensitive or temperamental skin. This also contains moringa seeds which are rich in Vitamin A and allegedly can help brighten your skin. I will pretty much try anything no matter the cost if it promises to make my skin more radiant. The fact that this was $3.99 was too good to pass up.

Don’t wake the babies! I am doing important research.

The kids were napping and my husband was away for a work trip so in those situations I don’t take an opportunity for self-care for granted. I opened it and couldn’t believe how easy it was to put on thanks to its plastic backing. It drove me crazy when I started using the SK-II sheet masks a few years ago because they were hard to unfold and were so runny. The mask itself was really big. It was easy to unfold, wasn’t too drippy and it felt really nice on. It was pretty thin too, which I liked because usually when sheet masks are too thick I have to lay down or it will slip off even if I try to sit up. I recently saw where beauty lovers should rethink their use of sheet masks because of the waste. I don’t really buy that because most of these are made of some sort of cotton-derivative and I imagine are pretty biodegradable.


Aside from my hormonal breakout, this made my skin feel so nice afterward. I like when there isn’t too much leftover product all over my face. I feel like this was definitely worth the price and then some. This would be a great sheet mask even if it was triple the cost!

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