#ThrowbackThursday: YM Magazine March 1998

I feel like I had hit my stride in the spring of 1998. Eighth grade was just a really great year. The turmoil caused by mean girls had pretty much subsided and big things were happening, I was almost in high school!

O wouldn’t be released for another two years but it was so traumatizing I still can’t watch it.
Icons Carolyn Murphy and Kate Moss.
I spared you the other ads featuring Niki this time.
“Clothes with a foreign accent” is something we would refer to today as PROBLEMATIC
Cults and the royal family pretty much sum up my google searches when I can’t sleep.
I loved necklines like this but they always made me look like a linebacker.
Who didn’t use this stuff?
I never knew Beck’s last name was Hansen until now. Pretty sure nobody confused these two musical acts.
I am sure if she started “accidentally” showing up where you were, Ben, you would start referring to her as your stalker.
These were definitely not organic but the original formulas smelled amazing.
I don’t know, maybe you’re a dweeb too?
I would definitely rub this stuff all over my face.
The fact that I was 14 and wanting to use something called “Body Fantasies” is so LOL.
You’re about to lose your virginity and THIS is what you’re worried about?
I definitely used this once and it hurt.
The original America’s Next Top Model…
David Boreanaz was like the “Fetch” of the 1990s. Teen magazines kept trying to make him happen.
Croon. Roll a doobie. Whatever.
The fact that girls who didn’t know how you got pregnant then read about teens with serious problems is so interesting to me.
The prize for this prom contest? A man in his 30s calling you.
Good advice is timeless.
If you’re single staying at home to watch a movie by yourself is the worst kind of advice.
“What’s a great match game for 13-14 year olds?” “How about matching celebrities 20 years older than them with their respective tattoos?” Perfect.

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