Thank you, Lawless Beauty!

When I was in Los Angeles a few months ago, I was a couple of tables away from Annie Lawless but was too shy to approach her. This may surprise you if you were with me the time I went up to Adam Levine and told him I had spent $10 on iTunes after seeing Maroon 5 perform on Jones Beach. I did something not weird at all and sent her a DM on IG recanting my tale of being star struck. Instead of writing back with a generic emoji, or ignoring it altogether, she replied. She could not have been sweeter and it is always a relief when someone you are a fan of is just as cool as you hoped they would be. You can read about her in Forbes here and understand my admiration for Annie as an entrepreneur. I appreciate how grateful she is to her fans and I find her to be so relatable.

I will spare you all the details but I had genetic testing done a few months ago and since I have a rocky family history with cancer, I am much more cognizant of what everyday products I put onto my body. There are so many ingredients that cause hormone disruption so I really admire Annie for creating makeup that is “CLEAN AF” but still looks and more importantly, feels, luxurious.

I have fallen in love with The One Eyeshadow Palette ($64). It is comprised of 18 beautiful shades. I like having one palette that I can use for day or night. As someone who doesn’t go too crazy with their eyeshadow, I love that there isn’t one color in this that I haven’t used. The pops of color aren’t garish and the shimmers aren’t too overwhelming for me. They all blend so well together too. I am also a huge fan of the Woke Up Like This Flawless Foundation ($46). It is heavily pigmented so don’t assume because it is a clean formula that you need to use a lot. This provides a great full coverage for me and as someone who is fair, I appreciate that there are so many shades available for us who are light complected. I love the pump on this as well. These are two great products and while they may be a little pricey, the peace of mind I get from using them is priceless.

Have you tried any products by Lawless Beauty? Which are your favorites?

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