The Facial Cleanser You Must Try

I generally do not spend a lot of money on facial cleansers because I always figured they were a waste of money. Why invest in something I would be washing off after a couple of minutes? My friend is currently in the midst of trying out the Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis 10-day Radiance Recharge and after perusing the various ingredients of Chapman’s products on Net-a-Porter, I was immediately intrigued by the Rapid Radiance Cleanse ($55).

image via Net-a-Porter

I never thought I would spend this much on a cleanser but it’s worth every single penny. Especially since it can double as a mask. I could gush about this product but I figured it would be more helpful to break down what is in it because it may be the best combination of ingredients I have come across in a skincare product.

Lactic Acid – An AHA typically found in milk that has gone sour. Helps with discoloration, age spots and improves texture.

French Green Clay – Chock full of valuable elements. Assists with sloughing off dead skin cells and is a detoxifier.

PoreAway – Developed by Mibelle Biochemistry. Derived from a resin from a mastic tree, which is a type of evergreen shrub indigenous to areas around the Mediterranean that grows in rocky soil. Tightens pores and helps with refining.

Detoxophane – Also manufactured by Mibelle Biochemistry and according to their website is a, “purified extract of Swiss garden cress sprouts that contains sulforapham, phase II detoxification enzymes.

Salicylic Acid – BHA. Great for treating inflammation.

Vitamin C – The OG ingredient in skincare! Antioxidant known for its collagen synthesis that is a cornerstone for skin health.

Procaxi Seed Oil – Derived from the Brazilian procaxi tree. Superfruit that promotes cellular renewal and helpful in hydrating skin as well as treating skin spots and scars.

Kaolin – A clay mineral that helps with elasticity. This is wonderful for acne-prone skin. This is also a great exfoliant for sensitive skin.

Safflower Oil – Improves your skin’s barrier function. Safflower oil helps treat dry skin and fight inflammation.

Sweet Almond Oil – Full of Vitamins E and A as well as zinc, monosaturated fatty acids and proteins.

I guarantee you will love this!

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