Review: Surratt Inner Light Baton

Once I finally figured out how to use this, I have loved it!

The Surratt Inner Light Baton ($45) is a dual-end creamy eyeliner that is meant to help neutralize discoloratoin around your eyes as well eyes make the whites of your eyes look brighter. It comes in three shades, Perle, Effervescence and Mousseux. If your skin is dark-complected then Mousseux will work best for you. If you are fairy with blue eyes then I suggest trying Perle. I am fair with yellow undertones and my eyes are very light brown so I like the hints of peachy, golden hues of Effervescence.

I use the eyeliner portion under along my waterline and in the corners and then use the powdered sponge-end for my corners and brow bone. It gives off such a nice shimmery effect! It is also helpful since my allergies have been awful this summer and I have had more redness around my eyes than usual. I pop a Zyrtec, line my eyes with this and then I am good to go.

image via Revolve dot com

Have you tried this? What shade worked for you?

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