#ThrowbackThursday: YM Magazine October 1996

I tried to look up historical events that occurred in October of 1996 but there was just a bunch of sports stuff that sounded boring that happened. Bob Dole and Bill Clinton did have their first debate of the presidential election (but really, doesn’t every year feel like a freaking election year?) but Brooks & Dunn won CMA Artist of the Year so that’s a blast from the past if I ever heard one.

Do teenagers still hang posters in their rooms?
For once, it’s not Niki Taylor!
Now known as “relaxed” or “boyfriend” jeans
“Cool” being relative here
When Nikki Cox had normal looking lips
Bridget Hall’s IG is basically a conglomeration of dogs, the Dallas Cowboys, images of her glory days and photos of her now that are blurry and/or in sunglasses. Help get her over the 10k threshold. I feel like she should at least have the swipe up feature if she wanted it.
Were these letters even real?
Anything with periods/tampons deserves all the stars
Funky indeed…
These sneakers prove that once was old will be new again.
Coincidence that Ian’s career took off after he cut his hair? I think not.
I don’t like to bash men but REALLY GUYS!?
Damn. Shitty.
LOL. I was 12 when I read this.
Probably the most awkward phone call ever.
I didn’t take this quiz but whoever did had a pretty good head on her shoulders.
Yes, get to know the guy who doesn’t talk by not talking on a date.
They had to bring you down to reality somehow between the embarrassing period stories and fashion editorials featuring skinny scarves.
Did Gwyneth ever dress like this?
Skinny scarves. Worst trend ever. They do nothing. Well, they make you look dumb so I guess that is something.
We used to read this stuff and think it was true. Well, I did.

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