Review: Common Grounds Coffee Scrub

Disclaimer: This product was gifted but that does not sway my opinion. I will always be upfront and honest, even if I get something for free.

I have been offered free products by other companies but they were either products I don’t typically use (like false eyelashes) or I declined the product due to disagreeing over proper compensation. Wayne from Common Grounds contacted me asking if I would be interested in trying one of their products and I immediately obliged after seeing on their website that their scrub was made from “sustainably-sourced ‘past crop’ coffee beans”. They indicated that it would have otherwise been wasted by coffee importers. He indicated an IG post would be sufficient if I liked it but after trying it, I thought a blog post would also be appropriate.

Common Grounds sent me a packet of their CBD Cacao & Vanilla scrub ($12) which smelled amazing as soon as I opened it. I personally enjoy the smell of coffee and the aroma provided a nice sensory experience before beginning my morning shower. I opened it up, rubbed it on, and rinsed it off. Although, I do recommend opening and using in the shower because these are coffee grounds, so handling will get a tad messy.

Took a picture in the bath with my kids asking “MOMMY! WHAT IS ON YOU!?”

This was a great exfoliator and I noticed later on that my skin did feel a lot smoother. I didn’t put on any lotion, in order to test if it worked, so those results were all due to the scrub. I normally wouldn’t go for a product with such a grainy texture but this didn’t irritate my sensitive skin at all. My only suggestion would be package this in a glass jar and include a scooping utensil. It was just a little hard to pour it into my hand without spilling any. I am definitely interested in the Coconut scent and would suggest giving this a try if you are interested in a product that is sustainably-sourced, vegan and cruelty-free.

Have you ever tried a coffee scrub? Have you heard of Common Grounds?

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