#ThrowbackThursday: Britney Spears on Rolling Stone April 1999

When I read last week that Britney Spears is in “dire shape” it made my heart sink a little bit. I barely remember watching her on the Mickey Mouse Club but I was a witness from my living room as her career exploded in the late 90s. It made me think about her interview with Rolling Stone in 1999, when she graced the cover with a happy trail and a Teletubbie. In retrospect, there were excerpts of that article that now strike me as downright disturbing. I realize now her meltdown that occurred decade after that iconic cover shouldn’t have been as shocking as it was at the time.

I couldn’t get me hands on the actual issue but did find the article online.

Britney Spears on the cover of Rolling Stone, April 1999

I looked up her birthday and Spears was underage during this interview as well as publication. The sub-headline refers to going into her bedroom and the writer starts the first paragraph talking about her thighs.
I had to remind myself this article was before the matching denim outfits with JT, the marriage to KFed, the births of her children, her disastrous VMAs performance and eventual conservatorship.

She assures the interviewer she “knows how to drink” in front of her mom and I can’t help but wonder who was protecting her from the perils of stardom if nobody was thinking twice about her engaging in underage drinking. I have to wonder who is looking out for her now.

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