The Eye Patch Olympics

For the last two months, I have tried a variety of eye patches at different price points to provide a comprehensive list of what worked and what did not. I would be the Picabo Street of product testing if it became an Olympic sport. I am working on doing the same for sheet masks so stay tuned!

Keep reading to find out which brands got a place on my prestigious Patch Podium!

Would Go Home in Shame

The Peace Out Puffy Under-Eye Patches ($25) were practically the worst of the bunch. They were soaked which, I appreciate an abundance of product but this felt like a waste. They were stuck together so it was difficult to figure out which was the ‘gel-side’ and while handling were a mess. These patches were also extremely difficult to keep on and even slid down my face when I was laying down. I didn’t notice a difference after taking them off at all.

I was ultimately disappointed by the Pack Your Bags Undereye Patches by Tarte ($22) because even though I didn’t keep any of these in the fridge, these felt nice and cool as soon as I put them on. They did stay on but these were the only redeeming qualities. They are a bit over-packaged, were really slippery the patches are so thick that it felt like two slugs were laying on my face. I noticed a slight difference in puffiness but these definitely did not live up to their claims.

Bronze: You’re an Olympic medalist but like, it’s still bronze.

The Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Eye Patches ($16) placed because they’re pretty and water-soluble. Every time I scroll through IG I see these so I couldn’t wait to try them. I didn’t receive an applicator which doesn’t make getting them out of the tub easy. They smell interesting and actually kind of stung. Sadly, they did not live up to the hype for me. They did feel refreshing but that’s not enough to place higher in this competition.

While the Milk Makeup Cooling Water was a bust, the patch version ($22) wasn’t a complete letdown! They definitely delivered on soothing puffiness. I had to put them so close to my eye to treat the troubled areas that they kind of hurt every time I blinked. Basically, these did well in their technical program but lacked its artistry portion.

If you have ever tried the Peter Thomas Roth Gold Eye Patches and liked them then try the PETITFEE Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch ($14) because these are just like those, but better due to their affordability. However, these will only help with puffiness and hydration as they do very little for fine lines and dark circles. They do look opulent though, so there’s that. Although, gold doesn’t do anything as an ingredient. It’s a total gimmick.

Silver: Silver reminds me of a No Fear commercial like “Second place is the first loser #NoFear”

If you have sensitive skin, proceed with caution if you decide to try the MERBLISS Wedding Tear Eye Patches ($23). They warn you may feel a tingling sensation but unfortunately, it didn’t go away. However, the area around my eye did look plumper after each use. These were also really hydrating. I love how after you’re done they suggest dissolving the patches in hot water so they can be used as an essence. I have also used them on my forehead and neck. The only reason why it didn’t take home the gold was because the lid is a bit difficult to close. These help with fine lines and hydration so don’t buy these if you need help with dark circles.

I tried the PETITEFEE Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch after a few particularly restless nights and they checked all the boxes as far as alleviating dark circles and fine lines but made the areas around my eyes refreshed. They did have a slight tingling sensation but it eventually went away.

Gold: Gets a call from the President and their face on a Wheaties Box

I couldn’t decide which one was better so it was a tie for first place. What’s funny is that my two favorites were the cheapest and most expensive products I tried.

The pricier eye patches are the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra-Gel Eye Patches. These are $52 a tub so while they are not cheap, I loved them. I am almost done with them and happy to report that at press time, these are currently available again on Sephora dot com. They have sold out twice so don’t hesitate to buy them. These are extremely saturated so use these when you have a minute to get off your feet. I would suggest turning the tub upside down a few times because the solution has a tendency to collect at the bottom. I even use these on my neck when I have a moment to lay down. These help immensely with hydration, fine lines and discoloration.

The other patches I used are only available in-store. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean they’re really exclusive. I am sure you only live a few miles away from a CVS. I swear by the Beauty 360 Depuff Sheet Eye Masks. They are also only $3.99! These contain niacinamide which is Vitamin B3. It helps restore the skin’s barrier and is used in many skincare formulas to treat a myriad of issues including eczema, skin discoloration and acne. These eye masks are great if you need to treat dark circles or fine lines. Niacinamide is proven to be effective, so kudos for Beauty 360 for making a product with a powerful ingredient that anyone can afford.

Beauty 360 Depuff Sheet Eye Masks

What are your favorite eye patches? Share below in the comments!

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