Baby Love, Review of Westman Atelier’s Baby Cheeks

I tried clean make-up during my first pregnancy over four years ago and the brands I used were awful. The products were either runny or did not blend well. I wish Westman Atelier and its line of “consciously, crafted beauty” had been around back then. I continue to be astounded at her line of natural formulas that are creamy and, to be frank, don’t suck! When I get DMs about Westman Atelier, the most common question is if it’s worth the splurge. I always answer with a resounding YES! I don’t find the cost of Westman Atelier to be that egregious if you divide a given product’s price by the number of products you’re getting in one. Their ingredients list is a breath of fresh air, they are almost all multi-use, and this is the best packaging I have seen in years. I think all beauty products should be measured by this trifecta. Baby Cheeks is the latest product I tried from Gucci Westman’s eponymous line that did not disappoint!

Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks in Minette. Image via Violet Grey

Baby Cheeks in Minette. Image via Westman Atelier

I ordered Baby Cheeks in Minette. I was apprehensive since I couldn’t swatch it in person and it looked very pigmented. However, it did not go on heavy at all. I love trying coral shades for my cheeks and lips. Minette leaves a glowy peach finish on my skin that looks really natural. It is also light enough that I can wear it everyday. This blends easily so don’t panic if you try it and worry that you applied too much. The shimmer is also very light. As you can see, I am pretty fair so don’t be hesitant to try this if you are worried it will be too ‘orange’. This applies as easily over a tinted moisturizer as it does a full-coverage liquid foundation. This is sold by Violet Grey and is available for $50.

Me wearing Baby Cheeks in Minette and still trying to figure out how to take a selfie.

Have you tried Baby Cheeks? Which shade worked for you?

Feel free to send me a DM on IG @reinesoleillesoin

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