#ThrowbackThursday: YM Magazine August 1997

I sought to find this particular back issue because I remember buying it with my mom along with my first pack of pads after my debut into womanhood. I like to think of it as the Milestone Issue, if you will.

Jenny McCarthy has really aged well. I also remember loving that skirt.
A handy inset for your backpack!
Niki has twins that are 24 years old.
I love how boy crazy these magazines were.
Before They Were Stars and Before Jared Leto Looked Like Jesus!
I drink whole milk now, just fyi. Non-fat dairy has been linked to Parkinson’s.
GIRL! You are probably in pain because you are in a tight leotard. Where are your sweatpants?
Any embarrassing moment involving your period deserves four stars.
How refreshing is this ad?
I have experienced a lot of growth because I no longer think this is a cool outfit.
I didn’t take this quiz but it’s basically how I would answer it now.
I still can’t do my own nails.
If Paramount ran this ad now they would be dragged on Twitter for being insensitive. Take my back to simpler times!!
I may conduct a social experiment that involves wearing a bikini top over a long sleeve tee shirt in public.
How does a six year-old get ahold of a cigarette? I actually like airplane food too.
Beaters and jorts. So glad Mens Fashion has evolved.
“Car wash cuties” LOL
Lee and Scott are total pussies. Mike is an alpha and no, Chris, actually what is most important is that those feelings are reciprocated! Also glad this page features Eddie Cibrian with a butt-cut.
I sincerely hope Totally Ashamed went on to have a good life.
“What do we want to put on a print ad for tampons?” FLOWER THE SHIT OUT OF IT and have smiles, lots and lots of smiling and affection.
Some things are better left to the authorities.
Want summer love to last? DUH! THROW A MARSHMALLOW ROAST!
I swear whoever wrote this either got drunk first or are still single.
This is actually really sad.
No snark, I have lost people I love this way and The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is
I loved Afterthoughts! I totally bought a belly chain from there.
The top portion of the outfit on the left is practically what I wear when the temperature dips below 60 degrees.
Actually, layers over a bikini will make you sweat AND look like a weirdo.
Who doesn’t love wearing a material that isn’t breathable on a hot beach?
Worst makeover ever. Before: Center part and overplucked eyebrows. After: Slightly off-center part with overplucked eyebrows and an ugly necklace.
I still love Stephen Dorff. I was so happy he was on season three of True Detective. I don’t condone smoking but it’s kind of badass (and maybe stupid…) that he has emphysema but still continues to smoke.
OR JUST MAYBE this girl was jealous?
I can’t believe this is a retrospective of Brad Pitt not featuring Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie.

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