A Great Facial Cleanser for Summer

I had never considered the concept of a cleanser being used seasonally. I switch up my moisturizers often due to changes in the weather but tend to wash my face with the same products all year round. I recently tried something that left a nice protective coating on my skin without it feeling like it couldn’t breathe. My pores get more clogged in the summer since I am outside a lot and wear more SPF than usual. I wondered if the cleanser I tried could act as a shield between my skin and the thicker sunscreens I put on my face from May through September. I washed my face with the YUNI Yunicorn Celestial Daily Mask + Facial Cleanser ($25) for a week before applying a regular sunscreen and didn’t breakout or experience any irritation.

I received this cleanser+mask duo in a complimentary bag of samples from Neiman Marcus when I received my order of the Tom Ford 24k Lip Blush. I didn’t try this as a mask so I can’t speak to its capabilities on that front. This looks like an iridescent jelly which gave me some trepidation since I don’t like to wash my face with anything too heavy. However, once emulsified the gel turns milky. You may need to use a washcloth when you rinse this off. After 20 minutes, it felt so soft and I couldn’t stop touching my face. My face still felt great before I washed it to go to bed. I sent a picture to my friend of this cool looking liquid hologram but she thought it looked like something from the Upside Down. Editors note: I can’t wait for this summer because it means the return of Stranger Things!

Detail of the YUNI Yunicorn Celestial Daily Mask + Facial Cleanser

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