#Throwback Thursday: YM Magazine September 1996

What were you doing in September of 1996? I had just started sixth grade and was finally allowed to shave my legs. Fun fact, my older brother told my mom to let me shave them or else I would get made fun of at school. Thanks for always having my back, Bro.

To be clear, “The Boy Is Mine” wouldn’t be released for another two years.
Bootcut, relaxed jeans and clunky boots.
Hi, Kate!
CHARLIE! I was so excited when Karen Duffy was on an episode of RHONY last year.
“Six Flags gods reveal what makes them fall hard” So, they interviewed guys at an amusement park and thought gods was the best descriptor?
Told you before it wouldn’t be a magazine from the 1990s without an ad featuring Niki Taylor.
Interns these days have it so easy these days with email.
It wouldn’t be a magazine from the 1990s without ads featuring Niki Taylor and…Kate Moss.
What did the YM College Board do?
What’s YOUR lipstick personality?
Was I dying to sport runway looks at 11 years old?
Hahahaha! I remember thinking I should buy this!
On a raft? Were you lost at sea? Also, reading the line “I met an incredible guy at a Tae Kwon Do tournament” made me LOL.
Yikes. Dark again.
Met in another life? Was her name Cleo?
I love that this ad was in YM. Maybe they were hoping some moms would see it.
The “Six Flags gods”
Sibyl Buck is now a yoga instructor. Also, was Irina okay? This isn’t cute. She wasn’t five.
I actually remember wanting the Love Tee. Brad was also in his 20s at the time of publication.
Life is too short. Eat the cheeseburger.
BRANDY! I’m sittin’ up in my room right now reading this!
I wish these two had worked out. Kobe hadn’t entered the draft yet.
Years later, it came out that Brandy’s handlers were worried her career would be over if her fans found out she got pregnant before she got married. Meanwhile her brother made a sex tape and then his career skyrocketed after its release.
I actually had the coolest pair of plaid pants from Limited Too.
Remember when Clueless was made into a tv show?
I really like this dress and these loafers.
I should do this now because apparently breakouts never leave you.
I didn’t realize until I turned the page that I took THIS exact picture into my mom’s hairstylist so she could cut my hair like this before school started. MEMORIES!
These clothes are so ugly.
Pre-Shake Your Bon Bon
Andrew Shue is still a babe. What is David Chokachi doing now? I would have asked the same question about Patrick Muldoon but he was just on an episode of RHOBH.
Oh, shocking, Leonardo DiCaprio is still partying and looking for love. <eye roll>
Brad and Gwyneth!
My awesome summer that involved getting my period on a hot day in August when I was wearing white shorts. Okay, YM.
Way harsh, Tai.

Hope you enjoyed this!

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