REVIEW: Why Milk Makeup’s Cooling Water Reminds Me of the First Time I Smooched my Husband

I hope you didn’t roll your eyes reading that title because this story isn’t going to be as romantic as you think it is. I realized while struggling to articulate my thoughts about this product that it reminded me of the first night I smooched my husband. Thankfully, my husband and I had a much better ending.

Milk Makeup’s Cooling Water Mini. Provided as a free birthday gift from Sephora.

First, I have always loved Milk Makeup’s packaging. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to try one of their products. Even though we moved in the same social circles, I thought my husband was cute (obvi) but had never made any sort of attempt to go up and talk to him. I required some liquid courage in order to go up to him that fateful night in July, whereas all I had to do to try Milk Makeup’s Cooling Water was decide between two birthday gifts Sephora was offering.

That Saturday night in July started off like many summer weekends during our 20s. We were at The Stephen Talkhouse. The music was blaring and I saw him by the bar. I whisked him away to the dance floor and realized he had been sweating profusely. While Cooling Water doesn’t drip, it’s really sticky upon application. It also has a faint smell of onions, just like my husband smelled that night. The internet is forever so I will spare you the rest of the details but I realized if this courtship between my husband and I was going to go anywhere, he needed to cool off. After we all piled back into a van provided by Alex Taxi, I suggested we all jump in the pool so my romantic conquest would wash off his dance floor stench. My husband thought I was spontaneous and fun. It would be months before I told him my underlying motive for that late night dip.

Cooling water does provide a hydrating effect but it doesn’t last very long and it makes my skin feel way too tacky. Thankfully, the the cooling effect that pool on Town Lane had on my husband was much more effective. Ultimately, I am glad I sealed my fate via a kiss with my husband that night and it turns out Milk Makeup’s Cooling Water will go down the memory hole like a former flame.

Have you ever tried this? Was your experience similar?

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