REVIEW! Hesitant To Put Oil On Your Face? Read This.

I have been extremely skeptical about the sudden popularity of facial oils. How could something that was once a skincare taboo suddenly be considered a must-have? First, it is important to understand what an oil will do for your skin as opposed to what it will not do. For one, it is not a moisturizer. An oil can be a fantastic emollient or even be used as an occlusive. Occlusives help prevent moisture (ie water) loss while emollients make your skin feel smooth. However, it does not act as an humectant. You will still need to use a product with an ingredient like glycerin in order to pull moisture into your skin to hydrate it.

The best way to approach facial oils is to think of it as a sealant that protects the top layer of your skin. Do not get discouraged if a facial oil doesn’t work for you. Not all oils are created equal. If you have sensitive skin and are a newbie to facial oils like I was, then it’s important to start off with something light. I knew from experience that I needed to avoid products with patchouli or geranium oils since those aggravated my skin in the past. Typically, these are better for complexions that are more oily or acne-prone.

The facial oil that has worked really well for me the last few weeks is the Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil. It is extremely lightweight and it smells divine. I would eat this stuff if I could and I wish it was sold in an industrial-sized quantity so I could bathe in it. I use this at the end of my nighttime routine because if you put it on before your moisturizer, it won’t be able to effectively penetrate your skin. This has been great to use since the air has been more dry at night. I also have mixed a drop or two into my foundation which has given my skin a nice glossy finish. It’s available for $44 for 1oz.

image courtesy of Youth To The People

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