Quick Tip Tuesday: Three Easy Ways To Be A Little More Healthy

Dear Reader,

I do solemnly swear to never act like I am the authority on healthy eating or fitness.



I’m not kidding. Unless I start teaching CrossFit or ever sprint a distance longer than my bathroom to our family room after hearing someone scream while I God forbid… pee…then I will never get on my high horse and lecture you about healthy eating or the latest workout fad.

I can easily sum up my fitness routine even though nobody ever asked me for it. I go on daily walks with my kids but if I am alone and have enough time, I walk on the treadmill. I watch Bravo to make the time go by faster. I like to play tennis but that’s something I assume I will play again regularly when the little ones are older. As for my diet, well, some days are better than others!

However, there were three changes I made in my life that I know contributed to my skin becoming more clear.

  1. Too much caffeine is not good for your skin. Long story short, caffeine increases cortisol levels and cortisol can cause you to breakout. I drink iced coffee and for awhile I was drinking more Diet Coke than I should have been. I started drinking caffeine-free Diet Coke and have one iced coffee a week. Otherwise, I substitute coffee for an iced chai.
  2. Potato chips are my weakness. I prefer salty snacks and realized I needed to find a healthier option. Now I eat kale chips! They’re really easy and please don’t think this sounds too goop-y. I buy a couple bunch of kale because it’s my go-to snack now. My husband has even come around to this healthy snack. First, I preheat the oven to 350*. I cut out the stem of 5-6 leaves and then wash them. I place them between paper towels to dry. I break them up into bite-sized pieces and arrange them on a cookie sheet. I sprinkle a tablespoon of olive oil over them and then sprinkle a couple pinches of salt. I bake them for 7 minutes and then let them cool for a couple of minutes. I don’t buy nearly as many bags of potato chips as I used to.
  3. I drink more water and I eat more aqueous fruits. Everyone knows you are supposed to drink more water but it really does help. If you don’t feel driven to reach for a glass of H2O as often as you should, then start eating more fruit like apples, grapes, and asian pears (they’re my favorite). Staying hydrated is essential to healthy skin!

Do you have any healthy tips to share?

Feel free to DM me on IG @reinesoleillesoin

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