#ThrowbackThursday: Seventeen Magazine January 1998

First, God bless the person who sold this to me on Ebay. They blacked out their address on the package and actual magazine since they probably thought that only a complete weirdo would buy a back issue of Seventeen.

Where were you in January of 1998? I was in 8th grade. I was on the cusp of overtweezing my eyebrows (DON’T DO IT ALMOST 14 YEAR-OLD SELF!) I had yet to experience my first kiss and could barely make eye contact with my older brother’s friends. Yes, I was awkward but who isn’t at that age.

I picked this issue for a few reasons. Mainly because Natalie Portman is on the cover and she looks practically the same. There is also a “feature” on Leonardo DiCaprio and in a nod to “WOW, times have changed!” the editors decided to entice impressionable young girls to grab this issue off the rack of their local supermarket check-out line by prominently displaying a story on the front cover about what it’s like to be fat. I didn’t even feature it below because the only advice given was to not obsess about weight.

Tell me you don’t think she looks the exact same.
It wouldn’t be a magazine from the 1990s without an ad featuring Niki Taylor.
I always wanted Seventeen to feature my school.
How many articles were written in teen magazines trying to politely tell us he was JUST NOT THAT INTO US?
It’s Niki again! Hey girl!
LOL! The email to submit an embarrassing story was an AOL account!
I agree, Michelle. I hope you continued to grow up with that sensible head on your shoulders.
OK last one of Niki, I promise!
“Cool popcorny look”
I wonder how many women went into hair salons and asked for the bangs to look like a toddler had cut them.
Who doesn’t love an article about makeovers? It was blurry but the opposite page featured “glitter belts” on a list of favorite things.
Putting bedazzled bobby pins in the shape of a star was peak glamour for me in 1998.
In hindsight the Lucky Jeans zipper was so fucking inappropriate.
Before That 70s Show, Laura Prepon was just Marcia in a Clean & Clear ad.
What the hell am I reading?
I wonder if Adam from Hunstville regrets this hairstyle?
Great point J.C. from Maine! I forgot to get a pic but Ben’s Life was on the other side of this page. Was Ben a real person? I need some clarification on this.
Remember when Leann Rimes still had baby fat and hadn’t yet busted up Brandi Glanville’s marriage? There isn’t enough dialogue about how quickly she shed that wholesome image.
Nothing like having zero clue what “hooking up” even meant at the time but apparently I read graphic descriptions of sexually transmitted diseases!
I wish Natalie Portman could do a 10 year challenge in this sequin, spaghetti strap tank top.
I have zero recollection of this band. What did they even sing?
At first glance I thought this was Josh Duhamel. Who is Timothy Olyphant? I wonder if he tried out for a part in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. (Editors note: my husband can’t believe I don’t know who Timothy Olyphant is and proceeded to list off a bunch of movies he’s been in that I have never seen. I am keeping my original caption in the name of authenticity).
I loved Sarah Polley in Avonlea. I just realized she looks like Ramona Singer’s daughter, Avery. This article is so weird i.e., the veiled reference to a potential eating disorder and how she describes what sounds like a panic attack when doing something like…shopping.
I hated when magazines hyped up an “article” about a popular actor and then you would open it and get this. A picture of said actor with quotes from other people.
Here it is! The recurring feature about a high school!
She was definitely a Jacinda Barrett fan.
Did anyone wonder if this high-stress environment was okay for the the overall mental health of Putney students?
“Putney is a place of great privilege”. Yes, parents paid $24,000/year for their children to be taught how to milk a cow.
Everyone is dressed like they are going to Lillith Fair.
I actually like the look on the left.
The fuzzy scarf with a spaghetti strap tank may be one of the worst looks of all time.
Edgy editorial shoot about skirts with pictures that don’t show the skirts.
This is about dressing for your “plus size” frame. Spoiler: They put all the models in frumpy skirts that look like glorified sacks and shirts without sleeves.
Told you.
I still love velcro rollers.
Ivanka Trump when she was a 15 year old prep school student.
Oh, so the decor was the same as every other teenage girls room? Groundbreaking stuff.
Savion Glover was the guy that danced with trash can lids.
Erykah Badu! Hope you enjoyed this, I am going to go listen to On & On.

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