REVIEW: The Traditional Blush I Am Loving Right Now

If I had started this blog a couple of years ago there would have only been a few make-up brands I could have reviewed. I used Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer, foundation primer and foundation for years. The tinted moisturizer was especially one of my staples. I wore it throughout college, graduate school, the financial crisis of 2008, my engagement and even packed it in my hospital bag in preparation for the birth of my first child. I am almost finished with the tube I reviewed on my stories under the “Routines” highlight but when it’s done, I won’t be buying a replacement. Technically, I did replace it but the new formulation made me breakout so I immediately threw it away.

I cringed when I saw that Laura Mercier, a brand I had used since 2005, had been acquired by Shiseido. Personally, I think they completely screwed up BareMinerals. As a result, my recent turn of events with LM weren’t that much of a surprise. Shiseido still uses Oxybenzone in some of their suncare products. Therefore, I don’t regard them as a particularly reliable parent company. The new formulations for the foundation and primer are runnier and irritated my complexion. I couldn’t help but feel like the bumps cropping up all over my face were a betrayal to such a devoted buyer like myself. This was a company founded on a “signature flawless complexion” after all. May I ask if anyone else also prefers the old packaging? I was such a fan of the old font too. Regardless, as silly as it sounds, it’s hopefully somewhat understandable why it will feel like the end of an era when I squeeze the last drop of Bare Radiance from its tube.

I was also a repeat customer of their blush, Wild Bouquet. I read a rumor online a few years ago that it was being discontinued so I bought the last three available at a local department store. I scraped the bottom of the pan on my last one a few months ago and knew it was also time to find something new for my cheeks. It is a moot point anyway since it really is no longer available. The natural hue Wild Bouquet provided as well as a seamless application was why I kept coming back. Usually when I put on blush, it gets too concentrated in one area and is difficult to blend out. I have also been unsuccessful finding something that isn’t too stark of a contrast with my skin. I know there are a lots of NARS devotees out there but I consider Orgasm to be too glittery. Stick blushes are popular, and there is one I really like that I will review soon, but a majority of the other ones I tried were way too thick.

I finally tried Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Blushes in Dim Infusion and Radiant Magenta. I cannot get over how simple these are too apply and how beautiful they look on my pale skin. I don’t have to worry about removing excess from my brush and I love that I can feel put together even if I am only putting it over a tinted moisturizer. They layer really easily as well if I am going for a more made-up look. I originally bought the Dim Infusion, which is a “subdued” shade of coral, and was so happy with it that I decided to get buy another color. I thought the Radiant Magenta, described as a “golden fuschia” would be too bright but these don’t go on heavy at all. The best way I can describe it is you look like you glow. They are very luminous, if you will. The packaging is also luxurious and doesn’t feel flimsy. I accidentally dropped one shortly after buying it and it didn’t break so that’s always a plus! They are free of nano-particles, talc and fragrance. I always type the first three ingredients of any product into the EWG’s Skin Deep Database before I commit to purchase, and none of them scored higher than a two. The full sizes are available for $40 while the minis are $24 and you can purchase both on Sephora dot com.

Dim Infusion. Image via Sephora
Radiant Magenta. Image via Sephora

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