Feature Friday: Brenna DuBABEsky

Brenna Dubinsky is a former college athlete and model. She currently lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and three young boys. We met in Manhattan in 2011 through our now-husbands at a Halloween party thrown by my future spouse and his former roommates. I was dressed as something resembling a sailor and Brenna arrived as a cat. I waited until she was out of eartshot after we were introduced to say, “OHEMGEE she is so beautiful! She should TOTALLY be a model!” to which my husband replied, “Uhhh, she is…” I proclaimed that I should rethink my career and become a model scout since I clearly had a good eye. Although, anyone with normal vision would have thought the same. The best facet about Brenna is that she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Read below for our Q&A!

Beauty and brains, literally like Jesse Spano!

What is your skin type?

My skin is dry, but my lips are even more so.  I try to focus on hydrating my lips when I can. For my face, I actually don’t do much so I need to find a simple nighttime routine and stick with it.  Editors note: insert @reinesoleillesoin plug here.

2 Have you ever tried a beauty fad that resulted in a mis-hap?

I’m pretty boring when it comes to beauty trends.  I do remember trying to highlight my face and I overdid the gold shimmer for about five months. I’m pretty sure I have it under control now.

      What beauty product(s) have you used the longest?

I have used Jergens Face Lotion and Hoola Bronzer by Benefit since high school. I still use Jergens with my foundation to make it more sheer.  The Hoola Bronzer…well…I used to cover my entire face in high school in a thick layer but I have mastered it now at 34 years old.

I interrupt your reading of this Q&A to ask: Are there any older millennials like us out there that *didn’t* go through a period during the aughts where they looked really bronzed? Maybe one day I will show you all a picture of my Oompa Loompa phase. Anyway, back to Brenna…

What was the best beauty tip you picked up while modeling?

I learned how to apply my makeup as a whole. When I started, I didn’t use foundation or really understand how to apply eyeliner or eyeshadow properly. I watched over the years and tried different products that makeup artists recommended until I made a list of the ones I really loved. I now have my favorites and I do the same exact makeup routine when I go out.

How do you balance motherhood and being a devoted wife with finding time for yourself?

Self-care is super important and I’m working on doing a better job at practicing it myself! When my youngest son, Cal, was born I hired a babysitter to come three times a week for half the day. Whether I go to a workout class, go to the dentist or just sit in silence in the other room, haha, (she laughs but if you’re a mother you get it!) it has been helpful and very beneficial to me, my boys and also my relationship with my husband.

If you know of someone who would be a great fit for our Feature Friday Q&A feel free to send me a DM on IG @reinesoleillesoin

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