#ThrowbackThursday: YM Magazine Edition

The issue from April 1997 to be more specific. I actually might start doing this more often because buying this back issue of YM was a really fun trip down memory lane. When I read this issue in real time, I had just turned 13 and was one-year shy of starting my period. Obviously, I didn’t do anything in particular to commemorate that milestone, it was awkward enough that my dad was home and my mom told him without letting me process what had just happened. I was also wearing white shorts that day, it was literally like something out of the “Say Anything” column in YM.

Without further ado, let’s go back to the spring of 1997.

Gwen Stefani, when she was Gwen Stefani of No Doubt, was on the cover. In the article a Bush song just HAPPENS to come on and she mentions it’s her boyfriend singing. I also love that back then, there wasn’t an angry mob that rushed to their keyboards to accuse Stefani of cultural appropriation.
I loved seeing these old ads again. Who didn’t want to be a Ralph Lauren model?
Jenny McCarthy on a toilet for Candies shoes. I thought this ad was gross at 13 and I think it’s gross now.
This outfit!
I can’t wait to show you how much growth Leonardo DiCaprio has had in the last 22 years. (Spoiler: it’s not much)
Where is Amy from Toledo now? Did she fulfill her promise?
It wouldn’t be a magazine from the 90s without a Calvin Klein ad.
Did anyone else tear these off and put them in their drawers?
I definitely bypassed this page as a 13 year old, but it’s quite smart and responsible of the editors to include it.
“Prepster” as interpreted by someone with zero meaning of the word.
No wonder the compact disc industry didn’t survive.
Why were they only able to find guys with dark hair?
You’re literally now old enough to worry if you’re the MOM in this article. Feel old yet?
If you had, or ever have, to ask yourself if you trust him then the answer will always be NO!
“We need guys with their shirts off who only have butt cuts” Say no more.
A feature with a girl who had a shopping addiction.
Girl with said shopping addiction’s last name was CA$H
Sweet Valley High!
This ad is so shady.
A little blurry but the most expensive article of clothing were $169 Aldo boots. I also hadn’t thought about Silvertab Jeans in a long time.
If you are still wearing something like this then I guarantee you are a mom that drinks too much.
As a mother, I appreciate that they were promoting teenage girls to dress modestly. No snark.
FUNKY INDEED! I am sure these were quickly placed on “What Not To Wear” lists within weeks of this issue coming out.
LIES! Everyone does need a moisturizer and water absolutely helps your skin.
REESE! Pleasantville wasn’t yet released when this issue ran. FEEL OLD YET?
Oh, hello Christian Bale.
This definitely went over my head at the time. Would like some clarification on these “silly things” now.
I could write an entire post on this article alone. Leo once had a “beautiful relationship over the phone” one summer. He still looks the same. He is still dating models. Although the models mentioned in this article are way too old for him now. I wonder if he is still keeping the faith.
“When I am out to meet hotties I totally lay off the booze” – Karen from Tacoma. Funny, dunking my head into a barrel of vodka is practically how I landed my husband.
“MOM! Can you find my report card from 7th grade?”
If you watch RHOBH then you know Denise Richards’s husband is maybe the only person still practicing Numerology.
Drew Barrymore has aged in reverse and here is Jada Pinkett before she was a Smith.
Brooke Shields looks like your run of the mill Coachella-style influencer here.

I hope you enjoyed this trip back in time as much as I did!

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2 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday: YM Magazine Edition

    1. Thank you! I am so glad you like it! I remember buying it (the first time…) and can’t believe that was 22 years ago!!


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