REVIEW: Unsure Which Lip Kit To Try? Buy This One!

I have tried almost every lip kit that’s available on the market. I have tried lip kits by Charlotte Tilbury, MAC Cosmetics and the one that brought the term ‘lip kit’ into our everyday vernacular – Kylie Cosmetics. There were aspects I liked about all of these but did not repurchase due to issues with other aspects of the kit.

There is one brand I have tried that I think is the best value compared to its competitors. I love the Tiramisu Lip Kit by KAB Cosmetics.

Tiramisu Lip Kit by KAB Cosmetics, image via

It is no secret that I have been a fan of Kim before her and Kroy wed in holy matrimony and gave us all the Biermann bunch. As soon as The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered, I loved Kim’s wigs, the way she was swilling wine every episode and that she had a benefactor named Big Poppa. I think what I admired the most was that she put it all out there and was completely unapologetic. My husband even watches Don’t Be Tardy with me and we always talk about how they’re such a close family!

Anyway, back to the Lip Kit. It arrived so quickly (it wasn’t tardy! had to…) and the packaging was top notch. The cost ($45) is reasonable considering everything it comes with a lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss and a sharpener. First, I cannot even begin to tell you how good the lip gloss and lipstick smell. I smelled it (they smell like delicious baked goodness) and immediately wondered why it’s not more common for lip products to be scented. The lipstick is also really nourishing. The pencil provided an easy application and the top of the sharpener comes off which makes it easy to clean. I bought this in Tiramisu which is a pinky nude. It is one of the two best nude shades for my skin tone that I have ever worn. I’ve even worn it by itself since I got the kit. I just placed an order for Sugar + Spice, and will let you know how that shade works out for me.

Me wearing the Tiramisu lipstick on its own

Find your shade here:

If you have any questions send me a DM on IG @reinesoleillesoin

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