#ThrowbackThursday: What Was Your Favorite Real World Season?

Without question, mine was London. I recorded every episode on VHS. I listened to Oasis’s Definitely, Maybe album on repeat. I received a pair of Doc Martens for Christmas that year too. The sole reason why I loved Real World London so much was because of Jacinda Barrett. I was a fan of hers as soon as the season premiered in 1994. Jacinda was the reason why I became somewhat of an anglophile. The irony is that I didn’t find out until writing this post that she is actually Australian.

There’s Jacinda at the bottom. She was born in Brisbane, which is 10,000 miles from England.

Her real name is Giacinta Juanita Cordelia Arabella Luciana Rosalina Barrett and I love that none of those six names were sufficient enough so she went by a completely different nickname. Jacinda’s style was Boho Chic and she sported it an entire decade before it was popular. The aughts failed to put a pair of jeans under those flowy skirts but I digress.

I actually hung out with Barrett seven years ago. By hang out, I mean I was seated at a booth across from her while eating Sunday brunch at Soho House. I had told my then-boyfriend (now husband) that we couldn’t stay too long. My request went out the window as soon as we were seated. I looked up to see Jacinda sitting with her husband, Gabriel Macht. I kept ordering mimosas because I knew this would probably be the only time my path would cross with my childhood fashion icon. My husband became increasingly confused by my sudden change of heart but he has since gotten used to my spontaneity. Obviously, I did not say hi to her. Fangirling would have caused our friends to lose their membership. I just quietly sat there sipping my drink like Sophie, Countess of Wessex. We eventually left six hours later.

Jacinda lit up London Town again last year when she attended the Royal Wedding. Her look was my favorite of all the guests. She looked chic yet edgy with that tasteful cut-out. Her style has matured seamlessly, but I almost wish she had thrown on some jeggings underneath that dress for old times sake.

image via E!

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