REVIEW: Tatcha Bestsellers Set

image via Sephora

Tatcha is an American brand influenced by Japanese skincare practices. I became interested in trying Tatcha after reading a profile in The Cut about its founder, Victoria Tsai , last June. According to a 2013 Wall Street Journal article, Tsai recalled meeting a geisha in 2009 with flawless, make-up free skin while visiting a beauty store during a trip to Japan. She returned to San Francisco, sold her engagement ring, and started running Tatcha out of her garage.

The Tatcha Bestsellers Set contains four products. This includes the Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, the Rice Polish Classic, the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist and the Water Cream. The box is reusable and the packaging is top notch. It comes with thorough instructions for each product. The set retails for $60 at Sephora. The price is extremely reasonable considering I have gotten so many uses out of each sample.

The Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil – This study from 2007 showed camellia oil reduced trans-epidermal water loss in 30 volunteers while not causing irritation. I immediately loved the smell. I have used this about 2-3x/week because, after decades of thinking oil + skin = the eighth cardinal sin, I still feel some trepidation using oil to wash my face. This cleansing oil has a thin consistency and leaves my skin feeling silky. This is a great alternative on the days I take a break from my Clarisonic. I haven’t experienced any adverse reactions so far.

The Rice Polish Classic – I have been using this about twice a week, but its instructions indicate it is gentle enough for everyday use. The rice polish is water-activated and my skin feels very smooth afterward. I have used this before applying serum and utilizing my Gua Sha tool (review coming soon about that!) and my skin looks so much brighter.

The Water Cream – This is for “Normal to Oily” skin and I did not want to risk aggravating my dry skin. I enlisted the help of my husband since he tends to have a mug that is on the greasy side. His said, “it feels fresh”. I didn’t get much else out of him, so there you have it.

The Luminous Dewy Skin Mist – Personally, this was the most disappointing of the set since I live for a face mist. I am loyal to the LUMIONskin Mist but have been looking for something to set my make-up when I wear more than just a tinted moisturizer. This does not always come out evenly, despite shaking it before use. I read reviews describing the smell as “clean” but it reminds me more of a murky pond.

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One thought on “REVIEW: Tatcha Bestsellers Set

  1. I bought this set last month and the only things that really worked for me was the cleansing oil, which as you said very lightweight and I only used it to remove my makeup at the end of the day but it did a much better job than wipes and even got those stubborn parts under my eyes. The water cream on the other hand I really liked it smells nice and was refreshing to put on in the morning after cleansing, then again I have oily skin so no wonder it works for me. The other two products didn’t work so much for me, I bought the full size of the cleansing oil afterwards and now I think it’s going to be my go-to for removing makeup. I want to get a full size of the water cream but I’m hesitant to spend $84 ( that’s the price that I saw it at Sephora) every few months depending on how long it lasts for me. So that’s why I’ve tried to look for a few dupes and I think I found one by first aid beauty that I would like to try. But I’m not certain if it’ll work. If it does I’ll stick to it till I have more money. If not, then if I really love this water cream so much I might just have to suck it up and splurge.


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