Feature Friday: She Sells Chic Seashells

Every Friday, RSLS will conduct a beauty Q&A with a follower who looks really good while leading a dynamic life. 

Renna Taher is a native of Southern California and the Founder of Renna, a line of fine jewelry that centers around the coffee bean shell. Renna and I first met while working at Sotheby’s New York in 2010. I have been inspired watching her career unfold and have always admired her beautiful skin. She is a product maven who I love to talk about all things beauty with. Renna’s love of the seashore and skincare made her an obvious choice for the inaugural Feature Friday. You can find her collection of gorgeous fine jewelry online at Renna Jewels and Moda Operandi. 

Renna Taher being her glamorous self. Image courtesy of RBT

What is your skin type?

Combination.  I have had periods of terrible acne as well as
glowing skin.  It can go either way at any moment!  Every morning is a

You launched Renna in May of 2018. How do you keep your skin in such great condition with the stress of running a business?

Never go to sleep without washing your face!  Because I used to
have acne, I was afraid that putting too many products on my skin
would clog my pores.  Now I take the time to apply 3-4 serums and
moisturizers on morning and night.  I try to use a combination of
toner, essence (no idea what this does but I like it), hyaluronic
serum, face oil, retinol, vitamin C, antioxidants and ginseng (usually
not all at once).  I’m not clogged and my skin feels great.  I also
think it’s really important, mentally, to know that you’re taking time
out of your day for self-care.  It’s not much extra time but I crave
the ritual of applying my creams.  Also, drink water.

I love following you on IG to see where you will be traveling next to promote Renna. What is your in-flight skincare routine? How do you pack all the products you will need without compromising your routine?

 I’m a sample size hoarder.  I have an entire drawer dedicated to
samples.  When I travel, it’s when I explore testing new brands from
that drawer.  When the plane takes off, I always do a sheet mask.  I
love Tatcha, 111SKIN and Klavu right now.  Then I put an environ
retinol oil capsule on.  I also love vitabrid vitamin C powder.  You
just mix it in to your moisturizer.  Since it is powder you don’t have
to worry about leakage!


Taher’s collection of samples. Image courtesy of RBT

What beauty product do you swear by?

 Hands down Biologique Recherche P50V 1970 facial toner.  You’re welcome.

What beauty brand do you think lives up the most to its hype?

Biologique Recherche, Tata Harper, Vitner’s Daughter.

If you would like to be a part of Feature Friday, please send a DM on IG @reinesoleillesoin

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