Shameless by Ramona: My Opinion of the Ingredients in Her Latest Skincare Product



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There are few Housewives and Bravolebrities who haven’t capitalized on their newfound fame by financially benefiting from developing or promoting various products. A new cast member of any respective show goes from a private citizen to a coveted influencer overnight. Perhaps there is no franchise that has done this more than The Real Housewives of New York. You may laugh at the thought of viewers clamoring to buy products elevated by middle-aged women who guzzle wine, get catty and film these antics for national consumption. However, Bethenny Frankel told women to eat less while simultaneously selling them tequila and it landed her on the cover of Forbes. During her tenure on RHONY, Ramona Singer has pushed the most variety of products, ranging from jewelry to alcohol.

The advent of social media has helped increase the profile of reality stars. Instagram especially has enabled these types of celebrities to blur the line between willing viewer and hapless consumer. Viewers wouldn’t want to see how reality-show producers setup a “scene”, but consumers prefer transparency. It is understandable if Ramona was approached with the opportunity to be associated with something called Ageless. A familiar face helps sell a product. Especially if it looks younger than its chronological age.  Although, what happened to Tru Renewal?

A friend of mine, I am assuming half-joking, urged me to review Ageless by Ramona. This is Ms. Singer’s latest venture that just launched this week. I genuinely enjoy tuning in every week to watch Ramona. She is entertaining. She has turned being aloof into an art form. She also really does look fantastic for being 62.   I purchased it and responded, “for $39.99 she is practically giving it away” because it really is a good price point!

I understand why a reality star would manipulate the truth for a storyline. I do not think bending the facts should pertain to REALity when the financial loss of an unsuspecting fan is at stake. I perused the list of ingredients on the ABR website and recalled Ramona claiming her skincare product was “cutting edge”. She once responded she was  “finalizing the formulations” when asked why it wasn’t available yet. The doubt casted last season on her involvement was entirely valid. Her statements give the impression that she was in a lab coat agonizing over a petri dish. I am extremely skeptical that Turtle Time morphed into Test Tube Time.

The three ingredients displayed at the forefront on the ABR ingredients page are anything but a breakthrough in skincare. They are actually all commonly used in skincare products, particularly those marketed as anti-aging. A quick Google search shows Matrixyl 3000 peptide cream is available for purchase on Ebay for $16.95. I did not link it because you should not buy it. There is no way of verifying what is actually in that. There are currently eight products available for purchase on Sephora’s website that contain this mixture of peptides. A search of “Youth 360 BCR” yields 208 product results on Sephora dot com. The last one is hyaluronic acid. Really? Eva Longoria is on my television every five seconds telling me about it. Funny enough, it was also in Tru Renewal.

Basically, Singer and her team of specialists took three well-known anti-aging ingredients, combined them and  saturated the market even further with yet another product that promises to alleviate the signs of getting older. I am confused why she lamented the time it took to come up with the fragrance for her serum. The only fragrance listed, that wasn’t already a part of the formulation of any of the other ingredients, is olive leaf extract. You can buy a sample of it here. Cutting edge? Hardly. For reference, it is frequently used by Tom’s of Maine.

Singer defended herself, rightfully, last season when cast mates claimed her skincare line “didn’t exist”. However, to claim it took a long time to develop and in the next breath say it was “a year” is a total contradiction. It is fairly normal for a product to take a year before it is available for purchase. Skincare and cosmetics are developed two ways and a multitude of factors can effect lead time. You can hire a lab to develop a formula from scratch. You can also work with a private label manufacturer that specializes in “turn-key” products. This means that the product has already been formulated, tested, and sometimes manufacturers will even offer samples for a small fee. If you go with the latter, developing a skincare product can be relatively seamless if you have the resources, i.e. money. Turn key is definitely the best option if you want to save time on development, testing and waiting for a product to be approved by the FDA. There are also few plastics manufacturers in the US so most packaging has to come from overseas. If a product requires a custom bottle and cap, this could cause a delay. Branding can also take months to create and approve. An unforeseen issue may also arise when a product finally goes into production. A year actually looks pretty good and if there had been delays caused by funding or issues with manufacturing, just say so! Audiences love the guise of vulnerability. It sure beats having to hear you got a rug just so it wouldn’t be stained when your dog shit on it.

It’s entirely possible Ageless by Ramona will live up to its claims. Although now I am wondering if I should attribute Singer’s youthful looks to Vaseline.

I will provide a review of Ageless by Ramona once I have had ample time to try it. Let’s just hope Coco didn’t read this and cancel my order.


Disclaimer: I have zero knowledge of how Ageless by Ramona was developed or how much Singer was involved. I am sharing information that is available publicly along with Singer’s own statements. The statements made on this blog are my own. Gif via Gifer.

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